Stoneman Miriquidi

2 countries, 9 peaks, 4,400 meters in altitude

Experience 162 km of pure mountain bike emotion in the Ore Mountains. From Germany's highest town, the health resort of Oberwiesenthal, you climb the Bärenstein along the idyllic Cranzahl dam. You will then reach the characteristic basalt columns on Pöhlberg and Disc Mountain. And in the unspoilt spruce and beech forests in the TrailCenter® Rabenberg you ride on the paths of Germany's first single trail park.

After the Auersberg you climb the summit of the Blatenský vrch where eternal ice is stored in the depths of the Wolfspinge. On a steep ascent you fight your way up the Plešivec and rush towards the king's climb: the 1,244 meter high Klínovec, the highest peak in the Ore Mountains, awaits you as the grand finale. After that, "only" the Fichtelberg awaits, at 1,215 meters Saxony's highest mountain.

go digging get your stone.